Bremer Promenaden provides guided tours with style through Bremen and Worpswede

Get to know the Hanseatic Town of Bremen rich in tradition and the beautiful artists’ village of Worpswede. Guided tours in German, French, Italian and English will take you to well-known, secret and remarkable places.

Anyone visiting Bremen for the first time should begin with a guided tour by bus or a visit of the old town centre. If you’re a nostalgic type, perhaps you would like to enter the world of ancient times in the Schnoor quarter, lovers of art are drawn magically to the Böttcherstraße in Bremen or the Barkenhoff in Worpswede, whereas fans of architecture are mostly interested in Überseestadt Bremen or the architectural ensemble of Hoetger in Worpswede.

Look around and choose the guided tour that suits you best. Upon request you may combine the different tours. Bremer Promenaden accompanies you either in French, Italian, English or German.

Prices may differ, depending on your requirements. For combined tours or special group sizes, please contact us. We will find the offer that suits you.

You can find all guided tours through Bremen and Worpswede here at a glance:

  • Get to know Bremen on a bus tour. The way leads via Ostertor and other quarters to Überseestadt.
  • With the guided tour through the old city centre you will discover famous monuments like the Town Hall, Roland and the Schnoor quarter.
  • Bremen Town Hall is part of World Heritage of Unesco. During a guided tour it unveils its most beautiful secrets.
  • Below the Town Hall is the Ratskeller with the biggest collection of German wines in the world. On a guided tour it reveals for you its most beautiful secrets.
  • Discover the synthesis of arts of the Böttcherstrasse. With Paula-Becker-Modersohn-House, Seven-Lazy-Brothers-Fountain, Roselius-House, and carillion.
  • In Schnoor, the historic quarter of Bremen, you get the feeling of being in the past – Bremen history becomes alive in this surrounding.
  • The village of Worpswede in the enchanting moor landscape was discovered in the 1890s by artists. Follow the trails of painters and sculpturers like Heinrich Vogeler, Paula Modersohn-Becker and Bernhard Hoetger with Bremer Promenaden.
  • Bremen and Worpswede have written art history together. On our excursion to Worpswede we show how the two are related.
  • On the old territory of Bremen ports, tradition and modernity meet in the Überseestadt. If you love architecture and historical harbour flair, this is for you.