Guided tour of Böttcherstrasse (Cooper Street): art, history and commerce.

The Bremen coffee merchant Ludwig Roselius knew at an early stage that you sell more in beautiful surroundings. In the Böttcherstraße he combined his preference for North German art and history with coffee trade. The design of the street was mainly influenced by the artist Bernhard Hoetger.

On our tour of Bremer’s Böttcherstraße you will hear how the old tradesman’s street was transformed into a work of art, why this street was in great danger during the 1930s, who was the first female artist a museum was dedicated to, and where the carillion with the picture tower exhibit the importance of the shipping and aviation industry for Bremen.

Guided tour of Böttcherstraße at a glance

The history of the Böttcherstraße in Bremen and its sponsors is told in French, Italian, English and German.

Stops of the tour: Lightbringer, Paula Becker-Modersohn-Haus with museum, handicraft-court and Fountain of the Seven Lazy Brothers, Roselius Haus, Hoetger court, Carillon Haus, Atlantis Haus with the “Himmelsaal“ (Hall of the Sky, extra entrance fee) only with reservation, Robinson-Crusoe Haus with cafe.

Duration of the tour: one hour, with a short visit of the museum 1.5 hours

Good to know: On Mondays the museums are closed. Atlantis Haus is used as a hotel nowadays. Guided tours are, therefore, limited. The cafe in the Crusoe House is open from Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 18:00, on  Saturdays from 10:00, on Sundays from 11:00 to 16:00. Public toilets are available in the Kontorhaus near the Market Place.

Group size and prices, tour in English

flat rate price for 20 people max.

  • one hour for 100.00 Euro
  • visit with museum 1.5 hours for 130.00 Euro plus entrance fee museum 6.00 Euro per person (discount for groups/short visit)
  • entrance fee Himmelssaal 15.00 Euro per 10 persons (with advance notice)