Bremen with all my heart

On her Bremen Promenades Julia Harjes ties together work and vocation – in her heart the love for the Hanseatic town of Bremen and the artists’ village of Worpswede, and in her mind abundant knowledge about the history of the town and art, enhanced by a passion for excellent food, enchanted places and beautiful things. All this she likes to share with guests from all over the world: “ Bremen and Worpswede are too beautiful to be missed.“

To inspire her visitors Julia Harjes offers the opportunity to combine different tours individually. You would like to visit the Town Hall, but also have a view of the city centre? That can be done in 2.5 hours. You have a special interest in art, you wish to visit a certain museum? Or you’d like to become more familiar with the green side of Bremen and to discover the town off the beaten paths? Your guide Julia Harjes looks forward to hearing from you via phone or e-mail.

Julia Harjes

  • citizen by birth and by choice.
  • close link to Worpswede through her grandfather. The decorative master craftsman in metal Fidi Harjes lived and worked during the 1920s at the Barkenhoff of Heinrich Vogeler.
  • studies in History and Romance Studies in Hamburg, university degree Magistra Artium
  • language courses for executives /managers in Bremen (German as a foreign language and others)
  • working as a city guide in Bremen for over 10 years, focussing mainly on French and Italian but also guided tours in German and English.
  • since 2017 Julia Harjes has been providing tours under the name of “Bremer Promenaden.“ In her logo you will find the footprints of the four famous Bremen town musicians – donkey, dog, cat and rooster.