Cobblestone streets and narrow alleyways – guided tour through Bremen’s old city centre

Bremen’s inhabitants are proud of their history. The Roland Statue built in 1404 and the over 600 year old Town Hall stand for Bremen’s freedom and trading rights. In 2004 they became part of UNESCO World Heritage. During the tour of Bremer Promenaden, you will learn, among other things, whose view of the Market Square was blocked by the Town Hall 600 years ago, what you have to do to return safely to Bremen, which competition evolved between merchants and councillors and why Bremen was considered the “Rome of the North”.

In the Böttcherstraße (Cooper Street) we become acquainted with the Bremen coffee merchant Ludwig Roselius, the artist Bernhard Hoetger and the painter Paula Modersohn-Becker, and through them we build a bridge to Worpswede. In Schnoor, the oldest quarter of the Hanseatic Town, we go through the narrowest alleyway and marvel at Bremen’s smallest house.

The Old City tour “From Roland to Schnoor” at a glance

City Tours in Bremen offer Bremer Promenaden in French, Italian, English and of course in German.

Stops of the tour: Market Place with Roland Statue and Town Hall, Schütting (seat of the Chamber of Commerce Bremen), Bremische Bürgerschaft (Parliament of Bremen), Liebfrauenkirche (Church of Our Lady), St. Petri Cathedral, Town Musicians of Bremen, Böttcherstraße and Schnoor district.

Duration of the tour: two hours, three hours with excursions. Please note: Solid footwear is required because of cobblestone streets.

Good to know: Provided the churches are open to visitors, you might like to go in and sit down for a while. A public toilet can be found near the Market Square.

Group size and prices, tour in English

flat-rate price 25 people max

  • two hours 180.00 Euro
  • three hours 230.00 Euro