Guided Tour through Bremen’s Town Hall: three different building styles for a gem of architecture.

Since 2004, Bremen’s old and new Town Hall have been part of UNESCO World Heritage. For over a century the buildings have formed a unity, of which the extension turned out to be much larger than the original Town Hall. Here, Gothic, Weser-Renaissance and Art Nouveau compete for the visitor’s admiration.

The history of the Hanseatic city comes alive during the Town Hall tour: why the Town Hall was erected at this specific location, why Bremen’s harbor is not located in Bremen, what the city needs a ladies gallery for, and many other things you will learn during the tour. During the tour you will be confounded by a ship, and amazed by the Art Nouveau in the Banquet Hall. In the Upper Room chandeliers, peace ships, fresco’s and the Golden Chamber compete for your attention.

The guided tour through Bremen’s Town Hall at a glance

Bremen city tours and the Town Hall tour are available in French and Italian, as well as in English and German.

Stops of the tour: start at the vestibule between the old and the new Town Hall, staircase with a view, the Banquet Hall with ladies gallery, orchestra gallery and tiny tower room, the Upper Room with council chairs, fresco’s and the Golden Chamber decorated by Heinrich Vogeler in Art Nouveau.

Duration of the tour: one hour. Attention: Even booked tours may be cancelled up to four weeks in advance because the use as a government seat takes precedence. Bremer Promenaden offers attractive alternatives.

Good to know: It is not allowed to take large (hand) bags and backpacks to the first floor, they must remain on the ground floor. Photography – even with flashlight – is allowed, so you may take your camera with you to the first floor. If you are a wheelchair user, let us know during the booking process, so we can plan to use the elevator. Please note that there is no public toilet in the Town Hall.

Group size and prices, tour in English

flat rate price for 25 people max.

  • one hour 110.00 Euro
  • on weekends, an additional fee of 65.00 Euro is due for security

Die Führungen im Bremer Rathaus werden über die BTZ Bremer Touristik-Zentrale – Eine Marke der WFB organisiert und gesteuert.