Guided tour through the Schnoor: where history lives

Just a stone’s throw away from the Market Square, we enter Bremen’s oldest city district: The Schnoor. Narrow alleyways and historic brick-built houses are reminiscent of the seafarers and craftsmen who have populated the Schnoor since the Middle Ages. If you would like to meet original historical Bremen people like Heini Holtenbeen or to know how the barrelmaker smuggled ducats from the town, we will include a visit to the Bremer Geschichtenhaus (Bremen History House).

Our tour begins at Bremen’s monastery church St. Johann, from there we continue to the center of the district with artisans, small shops, galleries and cafes. During the tour, we will tell you which rivers surrounded the Schnoor, where the bath houses were located, which role cats played, what owl holes are, and how the Marterburg came to its name.

Bremen guided tour through Schnoor at a glance.

You will discover the many interesting features of Bremen’s Schnoor district: in Italian, French, English and German.

Stops of the tour: Church St. Johann; Schnoor grocer’s; Stavenstraße; Schnoor (street) with cafés, restaurants, galleries and museums; houses with owl holes; Cat café, narrowest alleyway; Wüste Stätte with Bremen History House, Bremen’s smallest house; Marriage House, Marterburg; modern architecture; Heini Holtenbeen; ending at the river Weser or in the rampart park.

Duration of the guided tour: one to 1.5 hours – those who want to stroll and look around, can stay longer

Good to know: like in old times, we walk over cobblestone streets, best with solid footwear. The direct way to the Schnoor leads via a staircase. There is also a barrier-free access. However, parts of the Schnoor are not suitable for wheelchair users due to very narrow alleyways. After the tour, you can stroll through the various shops and cafes of the Schnoor, best with an empty shopping bag!

Group size and prices, tour in English

flat rate price for 20 people max. one hour 120.00 Euro